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all i want right now is to sleep for days and for everything to be good when i wake up

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I’m afraid of
a lot of things,
but mostly,
most sincerely,
I am afraid of
being completely
unraveled by you,
and you finding nothing
you want in here.

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There are a million reasons to respect and admire Enter Shikari, and this is one of them. I’ve always hated VIP packages. They didnt exist in this scene when I used to go to shows. So glad Rou isnt afraid to be vocal about it.

Got to meet, get a photo, and a autograph by these guys for free at warped and they were awesome guys. Wish more bands would be like them in all ways.

This is why Metal/Punk/Hardcore have the best shows. There are no meet and greats, no backstage. The band hangouts with their fans for free. They talk to them. They sign stuff. Pictures. They’re friends.

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It would be really great if I didn’t wake up tomorrow.

NYC headline show at Bowery Ballroom announced for Dec 26


We are excited to announce that we will be playing a very special holiday headline show at Bowery Ballroom on December 26, the day after Xmas, in New York City.  Tickets go on sale this Friday (Oct 10) and supports will be announced shortly.  Please help us spread the word!  Can’t wait for this!